Trudie de Beer

Life Coach

I am passionate about people – the potential they hold, the ability of their individuality to make a positive difference to this world. However, as I looked at the harsh and broken world around me, I kept on seeing people who have lost themselves, and whether knowingly or not, are filled with self-hate and self-judgment. Insecure about their place and purpose in this world. It is my deep desire to see them return to themselves, healed and restored.

This is informed by my own journey. While I am able to laugh easily, I understand pain, fear and loss. I have felt abandoned, betrayed and disappointed. My extraverted personality was often misunderstood – I continually found myself being placed in a box by society and expectations as to what constitutes ‘proper’ behaviour and thinking.

Slowly, I lost my true self. To fit in, I neglected and rejected who I was really created to be and transformed into an ill-fitting version of what I believed others wanted.

The result of not being who you are created to be is a life of futility, self-questioning, vulnerability to manipulation, and deep-seated frustration. I get that. And I can help.

It is near impossible to identify your life goals when you are weighed down by personal baggage and whatever life has thrown you, let alone devise a plan to achieve any goals.

Through life coaching you are empowered with tools to identify and reach your goals. Adding a spiritual component greatly amplifies your efforts to deal with the baggage and triumph over emotional and spiritual stumbling blocks that might keep you from your destiny.

When my own situation was hopeless, I encountered the living God, my loving Father – the one who designed me and dreamt about me. He helped me to return to myself. Having created me with loving care, He is invested in seeing me being who He wanted me to be. The same is true for you.

This is who I was made to be: to walk alongside God’s beautiful people on their journey to wholeness with practical and proven strategies.

I look forward to joining you on your journey!

During this journey, I encourage you and give
you the tools to return to yourself and find inner peace, joy and fulfilment.