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How can a life coach help you?

A life coach facilitates a proven process that uncovers and eliminates obstructive thinking and behavioural patterns. Your life coach encourages and empowers you to realise your true potential. In a safe and supportive environment, the life coach guides you in gaining a clearer understanding of your aspirations, goals and life purpose, as well as how to realise these.

A life coach...

  • Empowers you to embrace your own inner power and capacity
  • Facilitates a formalised way to help you to appreciate your strengths and overcome obstacles
  • Helps you improve, develop and learn new skills to manage life, change, and personal challenges

A life coach does not...

  • Give advice or tell you what to do – the process of self-discovery is what empowers you
  • Tell you what is right and wrong – the facilitated process helps you to find the answers
  • Counsel you in the traditional way that a psychologist would or other professionals dealing with therapeutic interventions.
“Coaching is about partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential.”

International Coaching Federation

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If you want to start the journey to return to yourself and be all you were meant to be, drop me a line at trudie@vcoaching.co.za.

Call or WhatsApp me on +27 82 998 8778 to set up an appointment.

I am geared to facilitate remote sessions.